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Migba Hat 
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☎ 416-398-4287   


☎ 416-398-4287   

Categories:   Hats- Men
Sartoria Sacho 
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26 Milner Gate , L4J 2N4
☎ 416-841-4186   

26 Milner Gate
Thornhill, ONTARIO
L4J 2N4

☎ 416-841-4186   

The Walk In Closet Gemach Treating your whole family to a wardrobe is just about Price-less.
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78 Wenderly Drive ☎ 416-780-1333   

78 Wenderly Drive
Toronto, ONTARIO

☎ 416-780-1333   ☺ C. S. Piotrkovski

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The Walk In Closet is a clothing GEMACH offering new and gently used clothing for babies to adults -girls, boys and ladies. We have a token cover charge from 50 cents to a few dollars to offset our expenses i.e. rent.Donations of up to date clothing in excellent condition are always welcome. Volunteers are urgently needed. Come see our beautiful collection of garments constantly updated and treat yourself almost for free. open daily 9:30 - 6:00 by appointment. Call 416-780-1333.

Sof Zman Kiddush Levanoh: Tuesday 5:19 PM + 7 Chalakim

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