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Welcome to FrumToronto's Registration Section.

FrumToronto has two membership types. One is for community members and the other is for the community businesses.  Businesses who wish to receive email notifications can sign up for both.  
Basic Membership
Sign up to receive email notifications. Get access to FrumToronto's Blog, Classified Section, Community Calendar and more!
Business Membership
Add your business to FrumToronto's Business Directory. Get access to the blog, Weekly Specials, Community Calendar and more!
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Becoming A Member
Membership Allows Access to the Following:

- Submit and respond on the Classified page.
- Add events to the Community Calendar.
- Add Shiurim to the Weekly Shiurim page.
- Post Simchas, condolences and other articles to the Blog.
- Add your comments to the Blog.
- Request the Tehillim list to be sent to your email.

Optional Email Notifications:

- Eruv Alerts. Receive a weekly email after the Eruv is checked!
- Kosher Alerts. Receive links to alerts from the major Kashruth Organizations!
- Simchas. Find out about Simchas before they happen.
- Challah Names. A list of names to say when taking Challah. See Challah page for details.
- Omer Reminder.
- Funeral and Shiva Notifications.
- Newsletter.

- Text messaging may be available for Eruv and Omer.

Membership Limitations:

- Only registered businesses can post to the Weekly Specials page.
- Everything posted goes on hold until approved.

Register Your Business
Businesses Can Access the Following:

- Advertise on the Weekly Special page.
- Add events and Shiurim.
- Post to the Blog and Classified. Add comments.
- Request the Tehillim list to be sent to your email.

Optional Links From the Businesses Listings:

- Restaurant Menus, Product Lists and Weekly Flyers. The weekly flyer also links to the Weekly Specials page.
- Email, Website, MapQuest and Business Cards.
- Newsletters, Davening and Shiurim Schedules for Shuls.
- Calendar Events for Community Organizations.

Directory Levels:

- Free listing includes the Company's name, address and phone number.
- Upgrades include the Company's description, slogan, banner, optional links and more. Contact us for details.
- All prices and levels are subject to change

Business Membership Limitations:

- Everything goes on hold until approved.
- Businesses are not set up to receive email notifications.

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