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Kuntrus Ramach Avarim is a unique publication on the Parsha based on the notes of one of the members of the community. It is an attempt to understand the simple meaning of Chumash and Rashi. It is a great resource for open discussion at the Shabbos table.


Blog Image: RamachAvarim.JPG
Expand Article Parshas Toldos: The Malachim in Yaakov's Dream
In this weeks Parsha, Yaakov leaves Be'er Sheva and travels to Charon. He came to a place and rested there for the night. He had a dream about a ladder with Malachim going up and down. בראשית כח:  ....

Posted 11/9/2010 1:53 AM | Tell a Friend | Kuntrus Ramach Avarim | Comments (0)

Blog Image: RamachAvarim.JPG
Expand Article Three questions on Pasuk 12:11
ויהי כאשר הקריב לבא מצרימה ויאמר אל שרי אש&# ....

Posted 10/10/2010 2:22 PM | Tell a Friend | Kuntrus Ramach Avarim | Comments (1)


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