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Blog Image: ChofetzChaim2.jpg
Shmirat Halashon - 28 Tishri 5769
Please Say/Whisper the Words out Loud
Lesson 1 - Speaking Lashon Hora to Hashem(God) - update We said before that reporting negatively about Jewish people (individually or collectively) to Gd can be considered tattletaling and can be lashon hora. This can often be done as a form of venting. When we need to vent or have an issue to work out, there are conditions that allow us to speak to one person to do so for a constructive purpose. Confiding in Gd is something that we are allowed to do if it is not just complaining or tattletaling, but is rather done constructively and purposefully. For example, instead of saying "Dear Gd my neighbor is horrible and mean can you get rid of her please", it would be constructive to use a different approach and say "Dear Gd, i have been having a very difficult time with my neighbor, please give ME the strength to be able to deal with it, or please help HER deal with her own issues so she could be happier". There is a very important quote that say something to the effect of "who is a strong person, someone who can turn an enemy into a friend". That is constructive.
Lesson 2 - another example of speaking of past negative traits (something that is Lashon Hora) Parents often speak this way about their children unintentionally by saying things like: " my daughter now takes care of herself,she’s not sloppy like she used to".

Posted 10/28/2008 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Shemiras Halashon | Comments (0)

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