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Blog Image: Salant.JPG
We Are All the Children of HaShem
A Mussar sage was teaching Torah to a young boy. Someone asked the Rabbi, "Who is the boy’s father?" The Rabbi responded, "He is the son of HaShem." Then the Rabbi explained his unusual answer, "If I would have said, ’He is Dave’s son or Chaim’s son - then you would have known something about the boy based on your knowledge of the family. How much more, should you understand the special quality of the boy when I tell you that he is the son of HaShem!"
Imagine the positive impact on one’s students of viewing them as "Children of HaShem." Actually, the Torah states (Devarim 14:1): "You are Children to HaShem, your G-d." In light of this verse, the Torah advises all educators to approach each one of his or her students not as a child of "Dave or Chaim" but rather as a "child of HaShem."
The Talmud tells us that Rabbi Preida had a student who had a learning disability. It was necessary for Rabbi Preida to review each lesson 400 times in order for the student to grasp the concept. Only a teacher who regards his students as children of the King of the Universe will achieve this level of patience, goodness, and dedication.
Children are loveable and cute because they are pure and their souls are connected to HaShem. Accordingly, the teacher should approach each student with love, warmth, and gentleness. He should feel that it is a great merit for him to teach the child of the King of kings.
May we learn to view each member of the Community of Israel as a child of HaShem. This approach in teaching as well as in all of our interpersonal affairs will enhance the quality of life of our students, family and friends - and build a generation of successful, happy, and upright people   
[Based on Darchie Mussar of Rav Yaacov Neiman]
TODAY:  Take a moment before you interact with others to reflect that they are "Children of HaShem."

Posted 8/14/2009 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Parsha Pearls | Comments (1)

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