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Devrei Torah relating to the weekly Parsha.

Blog Image: Rav_Miller.jpg
Understanding the concept of a sheitel - A Moment with Rabbi Avigdor Miller Zt"l #582
What is the concept of a sheitel? Now, a sheitel is even more beautiful than a woman's own hair!
Now some actually you know disapprove of a sheitel. However I am not going to preach the virtues of a sheitel. But if you're asking me what is halachically the justification, it's as follows. When we know that this is only imitation hair, it's a dampener on enthusiasm. When a person appears with a head of hair that came out of a sheitel box, immediately it's an entirely different personality. Suppose you saw a person with a beautiful face, a beautiful appealing face, but you know that the face is only a mask put on, so it doesn't have any appeal to you. Who will fall in love with a piece of paper?

Therefore once you know that it's a sheitel, that's important. In frum communities you see a woman pushing a baby carriage with two babies in the carriage, and four more holding on to the sides, and she has a beautiful sheitel; it's not her hair you know for sure.

And that's why you can make a brocho in the presence of a sheitel, where you cannot make a brocho in the presence of uncovered hair, because the yetzer doesn't have such shlita when you know it's all artificial.

Rav Miller on the Parsha:
לא תאכלנו למען ייטב לך ולבניך אחריך (דברים י״ב:כה)
You shall not eat it, in order that it be good for you and for your sons after you. (Devorim 12:25)

Even though there might be some temptation to eat blood in imitation of the idolaters and sorcerers, yet it is indeed not difficult to refrain from eating blood, which is disgusting even to see. Thus, when we refrain from eating blood, it would seem that we deserve no reward; because even without Hashem's prohibition, we would be nauseated even to consider such an act. Yet we learn here that even that which we would do for our own reasons (such as avoiding blood because of disgust), but if we add the additional reason that Hashem has so commanded, we gain reward for ourselves and for our progeny.

Thus when we eat Matzah to fulfill Hashem's command, even though we are hungry and the Matzah would be delicious, the reward for adding Hashem's command as an additional motivation would be fully forthcoming. Thus the happiness of marriage and of having children, and the joys of Shabbos and Yom Tov, despite the natural urge for pleasurable experiences, yet when we exert our minds (as much as we can) to add the motivation of serving Hashem, we earn reward.

Good Shabbos to all!

Posted 8/6/2021 1:10 PM | Tell a Friend | Parsha Pearls | Comments (0)

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