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Devrei Torah relating to the weekly Parsha.

Blog Image: Salant.JPG
The Torah tells us that the spies delivered a negative report about Eretz Yisrael. They prefaced their statement with positive words, "We arrived at the Land and indeed it flows with milk and honey, and this is its fruit." Then they said, "But the people that dwell in the Land are powerful, the cities are greatly fortified, and we also saw the offspring of the giant."
Although they started with a favorable description of the Land, they subsequently conveyed the enormous challenge of conquering the powerful nations that inhabited the Land.
Yet, we might respond that they were not at fault because they accurately reported the truth. After all, they realistically described both the good points and the bad points.
Yehoshua and Calev saw the same things that the other spies saw. However, they saw it through the lens of steadfast trust in HaShem. Therefore, they said, "The Land that we passed through is very, very good. If HaShem desires us, He will bring us to this Land and give it to us, a Land that flows with milk and honey."
In general, every one sees the same things and collects the same data. The difference lies in how we process the information. Whether we emphasize the good or bad reflects our life’s perspective.
Yehoshua and Calev had supreme confidence in HaShem’s assurance that Eretz Yisrael was a precious - and attainable - gift. Therefore, their view of the Land was colored with optimism, faith, and enthusiasm.
May we view all of life through the lens of unwavering trust in HaShem’s love, compassion, and kindness. In turn, HaShem will bless us with joy, success, and fulfillment.
TODAY: Focus on the good that you receive and fill your heart with gratitude and love of HaShem. 

Posted 6/16/2009 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Parsha Pearls | Comments (0)

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