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Blog Image: FishRabbi.JPG
Parshas Bamidbar
It says in this weeks Parsha :
"The sons of Yosef, the sons of Efraim, their offspring...counted 40,500."(Bamidbar 1:33)
 The midrash explains the exact wording of the verse. The repetition of the word "sons" comes to teach us that only the sons of Yosef,  Efraim and Menashe were counted amongst the Tribes of Israel.  Yosef himself wasn`t considered a Tribe because he didn`t participate in carrying the coffin of Yaakov to Chevron.  Yaakov didn`t include Yosef in respect to his position as the Ruler of Egypt.  The other sons of Yaakov plus the 2 sons of Yosef did the carrying, and were given the future reward of each being considered a separate Tribe.
Rabbi Simcha Zissel learns a strong message from this Chazal.  Yosef would have loved to participate in the Mitzvah of carrying his father.  However his position didn`t allow it.  It wasn`t any fault of his own. We see that no matter how good the excuse , we don`t get the benefit of a Mitzvah if we don`t do it. 
Thank - you again Rabbi Glaser,
And Rosh Chodesh Tov
Guut Shab-bass
The Moveathons( coming soon)
Fish Chef Rabbi
Rb.Yossi Ponak

Posted 5/23/2009 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Parsha Pearls | Comments (0)

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