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Blog Image: seder_plate.gif
Halachos Of Erev Pesach Shechel Bishabbos
The followingHalachos should not be used as a Psak Halacha - but just as a guide. Please consult with your Rov as towhat one should do:THURSDAY 17th April [12th Nissan]

Fast for Bechorim [or take part in a Siyum Mesechta].

Mayim Shelonu Before sunset for the baking of matzos next day.

THURSDAY Evening 17th April [13th Nissan]


1)The search for Chometz takes place tonight and as in other years the Brocho is made prior to the search. After the search Kol Chamiro is said.

2)All rooms must be searched  including those where Chometz meals will be eaten on Shabbos.

3)After Bedikas Chometz store Chometz in a safe secure place.

4)One should prepare only the exact amount of Chometz required. For Shabbos meals - Lechem Mishneh and an amount of kebeitzah per person per meal.

SELLING CHOMETZ: As every year, preferably before Bedikas Chometz or time for burning the Chometz.

FRIDAY 18th April [13th Nissan]

SHACHRIS: Say Mizmor Lesoydoh and Lamnatzeyach Yaancho.

BURNING OF CHOMETZ: One should burn the Chometz at the same time as in other years. Kol Chamiro is not said at this time  only the Yehi Rotzon.

KASHERING: Permitted all day Friday.

HAIRCUT: Lechovod Yom Tov one should cut their hair and nails [permitted all day].

WORK: Permitted all day.

BAKING MATZOS: After Chatzos as in other years. There is no need to say "Pirurin Yehei Hefker".


1)Prepare everything required for the Seder, eg, chairs, tables, the Kaaros, goblets and Matzos  as on Shabbos one may not prepare for Yom Tov.

2)Check the Morror [lettuce]. If not done, do it on Motzoei Shabbos (1st night Yom Yov). If a bug is found remove it by cutting off that part of the leaf (as bug is considered Muktzeh). The lettuce should not be soaked in water for 24 hours or in salt water for even a shorter period.

3)Grate the Chrayn [horseradish] before Shabbos and cover it so it doesnt lose its sharpness. If one forgot, he may do this on Motzoei Shabbos with a ?shinui eg, grate directly on to a napkin or the table (but not on to a ?keili).

4)Roast the Zeroa bone. If one forgot, he can do it on Motzoei Shabbos but must eat it on Sunday. [Similarly the 2nd day Yom Tov.]

5)Prepare Charoyses. If forgotten, do it on Motzoei Shabbos with a ?shinui eg, pour the wine in first.

6)Prepare salt-water. If forgotten it may be done on Motzoei Shabbos with a ?shinui eg, put salt in first. Salt should be less than 2/3 of the total quantity.

7)Persons with dentures, fillings, plates and braces should kasher these before Shabbos.

8)One should Metaher himself - by bathing and tovelling in a Mikva in honour of Yom Tov.

FRIDAY evening 18th April [14th Nissan]


1)Eat in a room where it is easy to clean up and sweep the floor after meals [ie, uncarpeted etc.]. The chairs used should have a smooth surface with no cracks and holes from where crumbs are difficult to remove.

2)One should light at least 2 candles in the area where Kiddush is said [it neednt be on the table]. If one plans to move the table on Shabbos then when lighting candles there must be a 'dovor hetter' on it [eg Challos].

3)If eating and drinking in the garden cover the area with plastic to ensure that drinks are not spilled on the grass.


1)The Minhag is to prepare Pesachdig food cooked in Pesachdig keilim.

2)One should use plastic and paper cutlery, plates and tablecloths  except for the Kiddush cup.

3)Eat a "Shiur" of Challah at the place where Kiddush was made [ "Kiddush Bemokom Seudeh"].

4)One may eat the rest of the meal and Bentch [without eating any further challah] in a different area  as long as he can see the place where Kiddush was said. Otherwise (at least the Baalebos) should return to that area for Bentching.

5)Extreme care should be taken that crumbs are not scattered during the meal. This is especially important with children. It is advisable that only those children who have reached chinuch age should be given challah and then only the minimum shiur.

6)The persons serving the meal  prepared in Pesach keilim, should brush off all crumbs from themself before contact with Pesach dishes.

7)The challah should be eaten on a napkin, which, after the meal should be flushed down the toilet. NOTE: Do not flush large amounts of Chometz down the toilet at once, because this can lead to a stuffed toilet - FILLED WITH CHOMETZ!

8)A piece of challah [in a plastic bag if eating Pesachdig] should be on the table until after Bentchen.

9)Persons with dentures, fillings, plates and braces should not eat hot or sharp food with Chometz in their mouth.

10)Do not eat Chometz that is hotter than yad soledes bo.

11)Wearers of braces should only eat the soft centre part of challah dipped into liquid and immediately brush with a SOFT toothbrush using minimal water - so as not to cause sechiteh or blood from the gums.

SHABBOS 19th April [14th Nissan]

SHACHRIS: Davened early to enable completing the meals before Sof Zman Achilas Chometz.

MEAL: Divided in two to fulfil Shalosh-Seudos. It is advisable to separate them with Divrei Torah or a short walk.


1)Remove tablecloths, plates and cutlery that have chometz attached. Dispose in a place of Hefker.(Remember not to place Chometz in the street where it can be carrying on Shabbos!) Do not place in your own garbage bin  even if it is on the street. Leftover challah should be crumbed and thrown in the toilet. Sweep room where chometz was consumed.

2)Brush teeth with a SOFT toothbrush using minimal water so as not to cause sechiteh or blood from the gums. It is advisable to brush teeth thoroughly before Shabbos. This should ensure that the gums will not bleed when brushing on Shabbos.

3)Persons with dentures, fillings, plates and braces should refrain from eating hot Chometz - and consult with your Rov what should be done.

4)Check clothes, pockets, cuffs, Shtreimel, beard etc for crumbs.

5)Say "Kol Chamiro" before the Zman Biur Chometz.


1)Mincha  followed by saying the Hagodo [Avodim Hoyinu].

2)Eat fruit or a tavshil [eg ptato kugel] to be yotzeh Shalosh-Seudos according to the poskim who hold that it must take place after Chatzos.


1)It is forbidden to prepare on Shabbos for Yom Tov. Eg, those eating at their parents may not bring over anything for the Seder.

2)When taking a rest Shabbos afternoon one should not say that he/she is doing it to be fresh and awake at night.

MOTZOEI SHABBOS 19th April [1st night Yom Tov, 15th Nissan]

HAVDOLO: Women who wish to do any work before the Seder should first say "Boruch Hamavdil Bein Kodesh leKodesh". If she has davened Maariv and said "Vatoydienu" she need not do so.
Reprinted from The Yeshiva World

Posted 4/18/2008 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Gut Shabbos & Gut Yom Tov | Comments (0)

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