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Pesach - Achrei Mos

The mitzvah of baking matzos involves numerous actions taken to prevent them from becoming chametz. The water used in the kneading process must be drawn from the ground and allowed to sit overnight lest the slightly higher temperature of underground water speed up the fermentation process. Additionally, every eighteen minutes, all materials involved in the baking of the matzos must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the possibility of any fermentation. This process of baking simple bread without fermentation should automatically conjure up thoughts of a spiritual counterpart, the yetzer hora, which is referred to as the "sa'or she'ba'isa – the yeast in the dough." The Gemara states, "It is our will to do Your will. What prevents us - the "sa'or she'ba'isa"- the yetzer hora in our hearts who is bent on hindering us." This is the reason behind the speed required in baking the matzos; to acclimate ourselves to performing mitzvos with alacrity thereby preventing the interference of the yetzer hora. As Chazal tell us, "'And you should watch the matzos' Do not read it as matzos rather as mitzvos – a mitzvah that presents itself should be performed immediately lest it 'ferment'" (i.e. we lose the opportunity)."

Additionally, we are commanded to search for chametz on the night preceding Pesach. This all encompassing search including one's attic, basement, cabinets, pockets and every nook and cranny, can extend for hours. This too will aid in reminding us of yet another similar search that must take place: the spiritual search we must make in the nooks and crannies of our heart. The Gemara tells us that we must search with a candle since the Torah mentions that a search is conducted with a candle. "The candle of Hashem is a person's soul, which searches the chambers of his inner self." A direct parallel is made between the physical searching for tangible chametz and the spiritual searching for the chametz caused by the yetzer hora. This idea is also evident in the prayer recited on the completion of bedikas chametz and the burning of the chametz, "And just as we rid our house of all chametz, so too may we merit that all our days we succeed in ridding our hearts of the yetzer hora."

This year, in addition to the search conducted to rid our houses of chametz, we should also take a step towards preventing the influence of the yetzer hora and conduct an internal search with the intention of purging our hearts of any negative traits.


This dvar Torah was compiled l'iluy nishmas the Mashgiach Harav Shlomo ben R' Moshe z"l

To hear this past Sunday's recorded Shiur – please click:     Bais Hamussar

Posted 4/18/2008 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Gut Shabbos & Gut Yom Tov | Comments (0)

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