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Inspirational words of Torah from Gedolei Yisroel.

Blog Image: Hakhel.jpg
Everything is in the hands of Heaven, except for Fear of Heaven
Chazal teach that “Everything is in the hands of Heaven, except for Fear of Heaven.”

If fear of Heaven is our responsibility, how can we train ourselves to achieve it?

HaRav Avigdor Miller, Z’tl, suggests that one withhold or delay a gratuitous or unnecessary comment or response because of his awareness of Hashem’s Presence.  By doing this, you bring your sense of Hashem’s Presence down from Heaven to right above you here on earth.

HaRav Matisyahu Salomon, Shlita, suggests that to assist in your Yiras Shomayim every so often during the day you make it a point to sit up straight, in recognition of your sitting in Hashem’s presence.

A third method, or reminder, is actually brought by the Mishna Berura (Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim Chapter 1, seif katan 4), in which the Mishna Berura writes in the name of the Arizal that one should picture the four letter name of Hashem before him with the Nekudos of the word “Yirah” (that is, Chirik, Shva and Komatz).  The Mishna Berura (remember, this is a Halacha Sefer), actually refers to this advice as a “Toeles Gadol”--a great help-- in attaining Yirah.

It is important to note that every day in Birchas HaTorah, before thanking Hashem for “Asher Nosan Lonu Toras Emes,” we first thank Hashem for “Asher Bochur Bonu Mikol HoAmim”--which may allude to our awe-filled experience at Har Sinai before receiving the Torah--since Yiras Shamayim is a prerequisite to Torah.

During the Sefira period, we should build our Yiras Shamayim, at the very least with the three simple methods mentioned by the Gedolim above.  We have one month left until our Kabolas HaTorah on Shavuos--let us use it to its best and fullest advantage!

Reprinted with permission from Hakhel MIS

Posted 5/12/2008 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Thoughts for the Week | Comments (0)

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