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Inspirational words of Torah from Gedolei Yisroel.

Blog Image: Salant.JPG
The Brilliant Light of HaShem


Every day since the time of creation, the sun has risen each morning shining its life-giving rays of warmth and light upon our earth. This continuous gift of light that greets us each day with all of its invaluable benefits is a clear revelation of HaShem and His abundant kindness.
Our Sages composed a moving prayer that expresses gratitude to HaShem for the wonders of daylight: "He has brought forth the sun from its place." That is, HaShem, may He be blessed, brings us the sunlight. There is no other force besides HaShem, alone, that assists in the illumination of the sun. It is His gift of pure kindness and compassion.
The prayer continues: "He illuminates the entire world and its inhabitants, which He created in the attribute of Mercy." Meaning, the sun is not the source of illumination. Rather, HaShem, Himself, is the source of illumination, i.e., "He illuminates the entire world."
The Zohar explains this concept by likening the sun to a mirror that reflects light. So too, the sun does not give off its own light. Rather, it reflects light. What light does it reflect? The light of HaShem Who illuminates His light upon the sun!
Therefore, the sun is not the source of illumination; rather HaShem illuminates the sun with His brilliant and holy light, "He illuminates the entire world in His glory."
May HaShem open our hearts to fully appreciate His great kindness and compassion of illuminating His holy light upon us every day of our lives. 
[Based on Michtav M’Eliyahu of Rav Eliyahu Dessler]
TODAY: Look at the sunlight and rejoice in knowing that HaShem is shining His light upon you.

Posted 8/7/2009 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Thoughts for the Week | Comments (0)

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