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Inspirational words of Torah from Gedolei Yisroel.

Blog Image: Salant.JPG
Reverse Fortunes
There was once a ladder - with ten rungs - leaning against the side of the house. Even though each rung was exactly the same dimension and made of the same wood, nevertheless, the top rung felt that he was superior to all the rungs below him. Although he had a sense of arrogance over all the lower rungs, he felt particularly conceited over the lowest rung which hung far below him and just a short distance from the earth. Looking down condescendingly at the rungs below him, he called out with great pride, "I have been chosen to stand above you, and therefore I am the greatest and most important rung of all."
Just as the upper rung was making his vain remarks a neighbor passed by and heard his haughty declaration. He quickly reached out and swiftly began to turn the ladder around. Soon the bottom rung felt himself flying to the top, whereas the top rung suddenly found himself falling from the highest point to the lowest! When the arrogant rung saw what befell him, he immediately regretted his conceit. Whereas the lower rung, which now found himself perched on top was very careful not to entertain any feelings of pride because he did not want to suffer the fate of the prideful rung.
The ladder in this parable alludes to the spiritual dynamics of wealth in this world. From our earthly perspective it seems like money comes to our hands through the efforts we make, i.e., our jobs, creativity, or profession. In truth, every dollar that comes into our hands is decreed from Heaven. HaShem alone decides who shall be rich and who shall be poor.
If a person is wealthy let him remember, that it is HaShem alone Who blessed him with his prosperity. By reflecting on this truth arrogance will not bring about the reversal of his fortune. Rather, he will maintain a sense of humility and retain his wealth.  
TODAY: Reflect that it is the decree of HaShem that determines your financial status.

Posted 7/24/2009 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Thoughts for the Week | Comments (0)

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