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Inspirational words of Torah from Gedolei Yisroel.

Blog Image: Hakhel.jpg
Our Internal Filters
We are familiar with the famous expression that “Devorim HaYotzim Min HaLev” are “Nichnasim El HaLev”--words which leave the heart enter another’s heart.  Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff, Shlita, beautifully explains that for the words of a speaker to be truly effectual, his sincerity must be evidenced by others sensing that the words are actually leaving his heart…for how can they enter someone else’s heart if they have not left your own?  We had previously published certain recommendations to combat the swine flu.  Unfortunately, the swine flu has left its mark on our community, and the world at large.  Aside from the sickness and havoc it has wreaked on whole families, and all of the Torah that has been lost, Chaim Dovid ben Leah (please daven for him) is in extremely serious condition in its wake.  Individuals with medical conditions, the elderly, and the very young are particularly susceptible to the dangers of this illness.  We hope that the following words are leaving our heart--so that they enter yours.  If the previous suggestions we had made are not taken, at the very least we ask that you daven in Elokai Netzor at least once a day with genuineness and feeling that Hashem remove this r’l epidemic/pandemic from us, and, if possible undertake one small act daily as a zechus for the sick and for the susceptible--for those with conditions, for the very young and the very old.  Let us demonstrate our love and our achdus for each other, which will surely provide a zechus of infinite proportions--and indeed may be the only--only--thing that Hashem is waiting for!

Additional Note:  The newest wave of bus signs read “Be Better”--perhaps the lesson striking us in the face is that the state of our physical beings would improve if we would “Be Better” spiritually.  Instead of our bodies carrying our souls--let our souls carry our bodies!  After all, did not the Aron, in fact, carry those who looked like they were carrying it?  Why should our bodies and souls--really our souls and our bodies--be any different?!

Special Note Three:  Our personal computers are blessed with email programs (or webmail clients) containing a feature called a “spam filter” which filters out the items which we need not see, deal with, think about, or which do not even take up one second of our time.  It is rejected prior to having any effect--prior to making its mark.  We should take this important lesson into our lives.  Just one moment of indiscretion, a rare minute of Lashon Hora, a minute or two of truly interruptive Bitul Torah in the middle of precious learning time, a decision to let the Shemone Esrei get away because some of it was already lost, another few bites of food taking you into the “Achila Gassa” mode, another few, short blasts of angry words...all of these have to be filtered as Spam before they start.  How much more valuable time you will have gained and used productively--the moments turn into minutes and hours, the aveiros translate into Mitzvos and Ma’asim Tovim.  What more need be said?  If a computer can do it--and it does not even have a neshama--you certainly can!

Special Note Four:  In this week’s Parsha, the Torah teaches us that the Meraglim took from the fruit of the Eretz Yisroel and brought it with them to show the B’nai Yisroel.  This appears problematic--did not Avrohom Avinu separate from his student and close family member, Lot, because Lot’s shepherds were grazing on land that would belong to Avrohom--but did not belong to him yet?  How could the meraglim have the license to do so?  One can not simply answer that what they did was wrong--for Moshe Rabbeinu himself had advised them--“U’Lekachtem MiPri Ha’Aretz (Bamidbar 13:20)--and you shall take from the fruit of the land.”  How was this possible--it was not ours yet?  Your insights are most welcome!

Hakhel MIS

Posted 6/18/2009 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Thoughts for the Week | Comments (0)

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