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Inspirational words of Torah from Gedolei Yisroel.

Blog Image: Hakhel.jpg

As world events continue to spin around us, as we turn from Far East nuclear testing, to the Afghan war, to the still amorphous swine flu, to a new and probing threshold in American-Muslim (Esav-Yishmael?) relations, to joblessness, foreclosures and bankruptcies of previously unknown proportions--in sum, nothing short of turmoil and crisis in areas of economy, politics, health and war worldwide--we must sense a greater need to long for the Moshiach’s coming. HaRav Yecheskel Levenstein, Z’tl, would relate the now famous Mashal of a very ill person in the home for whom the doctor had been summoned. Every time there was a knock at the door, every time the phone or doorbell rang, the family members jumped--was it the doctor?! Even though it turned out to be a well wishing neighbor, a repairman, or someone else, the family was courteous and did not despair--the doctor would still come with the next knock--and would come on time, for he had to. They knew it because they believed it. This, HaRav Levenstein taught, should be our anticipation for Moshiach. Even though the knocks on the door until today have not been what we have been waiting for, the real knock will most certainly come--and hopefully it will be the next one--literally, the next one. The Six-Day War and no Moshiach, the Yom Kippur War and no Moshiach, the Lebanese War and no Moshiach, the Gaza War and no Moshiach. What will the next knock be?! There is certainly no cause for despair--only for hope and anticipation.

HaRav Dessler, Z’tl, teaches that our redemption is actually **dependant upon** our level of "Tzipiya"--our sincere longing for redemption. As we recite every Shabbos in Kedusha, "Mimkomecha Malkeinu Sofea, VeSimloch Aleinu Ki Mecahkim Anachnu Loch--Hashem from Your Place, appear--for we await You". This is the madreiga, Rav Dessler writes, that we must all reach--of at least anticipating the Yeshua. Even if we feel that we are personally unworthy of bringing Moshiach with our deeds (a matter of debate in and of itself)--at the very least everyone--*e*v*e*r*y*o*n*e*--should await, anticipate and long for his coming--in our thoughts, in our Tefillos, and in our reaction and understanding (not in the press’ explanation) of world events.

It is within the nature of people to hope and wait for good things. If a person does not do so, it must be that he feels that his situation is better now than it would be if that "good thing" were to occur. If one is not longing and yearning for Moshiach, concludes Rav Dessler, it must be that the Olam Hazeh kind of world we live in is more to his liking than the Ruchniyus of Redemption.

Perhaps we can now understand why the Brisker Rav was heard to say the three-word Pasuk "LiShuasecha Kivisi Hashem (Beraishis 49:18)--For Your salvation do I long" several times throughout the day. It is no coincidence (as it never is) that this Pasuk is placed in the Siddur at the end of the 13 Ani Ma’amins that we recite daily.

We all know that the Redemption will come; this is part of world history, established by Hashem at the time of the world’s creation. Our Thoughts and our Tefillos should be permeated by a sincere and unrelenting want and desire that we ourselves be zocheh to see it "Bechayechon U’Vyomeichon--in your lifetimes, and in your days." We owe it to ourselves and to our destiny to be able to answer the question "Tzipisa LiYeshua?" with a clear and truthful--better yet--a resounding and resourceful: "Yes, LiShuasecha Kivisi Hashem!!"


Special Note Three: When we see a baby or child so small and helpless, we may reflect upon how much kindness Hashem bestows upon this infant in keeping it alive, in finding loving family members to care for it, in taking care of all of its needs--although it can offer nothing in return. It appears, in fact, that the Chesed of Hashem is inversely proportional to the age of the child: the smaller he is, the greater the Chesed, and the older he is, through adulthood, the lesser the Chesed.

In reality, however, and upon refection, it may very well be that the baby, the small child, the toddler, actually serves as a great lesson for us. Hashem provides the young child, unsullied, untainted, and closer to the Ruchniyus of the previous world, with Chesed that is clear for all to see. Imagine, then, we--who may have heard a word of Lashon Hora in passing, who may have missed davening with the Kavana of which we were capable, who may have not behaved properly to a family member, who may have missed or abused a clear chesed opportunity…--how much more so do we experience the Chesed of Hashem with every life-filled moment. Is it you who "can take of yourself’ because you make your own meal, buy your own clothes, go to your shiur on your own, put yourself to bed--or is it Hashem who bestows much greater Chesed upon you than He bestows upon a young child--as He keeps you alive and running despite some really noisy skeletons in your closet--in order for you to have the opportunity to accomplish your role, and fulfill your true potential and purpose in this world of opportunity?

Chesed to the baby--certainly. Chesed to you--incredible!


Hakhel MIS

Posted 6/10/2009 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Thoughts for the Week | Comments (0)

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