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The Path to Composure

THE FAITH AND TRUST OF PSALMS________________11:1______
"In HaShem I have taken refuge; how do you say to my soul, "Flee to the mountain like a bird."
King David was embattled on all fronts.  His enemies claimed that soon they would kill him and they slandered him saying that he was evil. They chased him into the wilderness where he took cover in the mountains. Then some of his friends betrayed him and revealed his hiding place to his adversaries.
How does a man react when he is taunted; dismissed as dead; maligned; betrayed; and chased like a fugitive into the mountains by enemies, intent on killing him? It wouldnít be hard to imagine that, under these trying circumstances, the average person would feel overwhelmed.
However King David did not despair. Conversely, he maintained his composure by trusting in HaShem. Remarkably, as he was running for his life, he called out to his enemies, "How dare you say to my soul, íFlee to the mountain like a bird." Meaning, "Why do you delude yourselves into   thinking that I am vulnerable like a hunted bird fleeing across the mountains? I am neither endangered nor afraid. Whatís more, I am confident that I will be delivered!"
What was the source of his unwavering resilience? David was a giant of faith, as he stated, "In HaShem I have taken refuge." He knew, axiomatically, that if he placed his trust in HaShem, i.e., "In HaShem I have taken refuge," he can never be harmed. Therefore, he returned the insults of his enemies by saying, "What audacity you have in assuming that I am on the verge of defeat. Donít you know that I trust in HaShem - it is for certain that He will save me!
We see that King Davidís trust did not have any boundaries. Even when he was running for his life, he maintained steadfast trust in HaShem. Even more, rather than falling to the intimidations of his enemies, he boldly confronted them, challenging their "delusions." May King Davidís faith inspire us to strengthen our trust in HaShem so that we always remain tranquil and confident.
[Based on the commentary of the Radak to Psalms]
TODAY: Extend and strengthen your trust and faith in HaShem and apply it to every situation. 

Posted 11/16/2009 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Tehillim

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