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Blog Image: Tehillim[1].jpg
Tehillim Thought of the Day [Psalm 89:2] and Tehillim Thought of the Day [Psalm 103:17]
5th of Cheshvan, October 23, 2009

 “Of Hashem’s kindness I will sing forever, I will make Your faithfulness known to every generation with my mouth (Psalm 89:1).”  One can readily sing of G-D’s kindnesses, for it is easy to share the good and celebrate the positive.  We have been blessed with so much kindness from Hashem that we can sing forever.   But what of the more challenging circumstances of our lives?  G-D not only graces us with His kindness, but He is our faithful companion in our times of distress.  He neither abandons nor rejects us, but stays close so that when we turn to Him, we find Him.  It is incumbent upon us to share this very deeply personal connection with our children, to testify to Hashem’s faithfulness to the next generation.  Through our words and by our deeds, they will be able to forge their connection to Him and teach their children in turn. 

6th of Cheshvan, October 24, 2009

 “But the kindness of Hashem is forever and ever upon those that fear Him, and His righteousness is upon the children’s children (Psalm 103:17).”   Man’s time on this earth is short.  But for the man who fears Hashem, the reward in the World-to-Come is everlasting.  The Radak teaches that they are also rewarded in this world; the merit of the G-D fearing is bestowed on their children’s children.   Rav Hirsch explains that the G-D- fearing achieve immortality in This World through their descendents.  The legacy they bequeath to their children is the continuation and completion of their own Divine mission on this earth. 

Shabbat Shalom.

Copyright, 2009 Rachel Lerner

Posted 10/27/2009 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Tehillim | Comments (0)

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