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Blog Image: Rav_Miller.jpg
Believing in Gam Zu L'tova -A Moment with Rabbi Avigdor Miller Zt"l #518
Parshas Acharei - Kedoshim 5780


How can one truly believe that everything is Gam Zu L'tova?


We have a Torah as I said; Moshe Rabeinu is emes, v'toraso emes, and it states there that Hakadosh Baruch Hu did things l'tova, He made the world for chesed. L'osei hashomayim b'svuna, ki l'olam chasdo, everything is ki l'olam chasdo, a world of chesed. And if sometimes it seems not a chesed – a toothache, it's a chesed. If not for the toothache you wouldn't go to the dentist, and your tooth would rot away. Now you run to the dentist, he puts in a filling, and you have a tooth. Pain is a chesed, without pain people would be sick and they would never know what's wrong with them.

I once told a story… in Canada there was a young woman who didn't have any feeling in her hand. She was putting her hand over the gas range, she smelled flesh burning! Her own hand was burning from the gas range; she lacked the sensation of pain. If you have the sensation of pain you pull back your hand and save yourself. Pain is a lifesaver! Pain is a chesed gadol!

Poverty, for many people poverty is a yeshua. Here's a wealthy man I remember, he moved way out to Long Island, and then he lost all his money and moved back to Brownsville – in the good old days when Brownsville was a Jewish neighborhood – and he sent his boys to Mesivta Chaim Berlin. I said "what are you doing here?" He said he lost all his money and now he's back in Brownsville – and he saved his boys. Out there his boys wouldn't go to Chaim Berlin! A good place, Chaim Berlin. Only because he lost his money; it's a true story.

Many people should lose their money and move back into frum neighborhoods, it's a yeshua, no question about it. Wealth is a terrible resource if it's misused.

Good Shabbos To All

Posted 5/1/2020 12:48 PM | Tell a Friend | Articles of Interest | Comments (0)

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