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Brachos for specific foods -cont

We continue with our series on the Halachos of Brachos. The following Halachos are found in the Sefer Pischei Halacha--Hilchos Brachos, by Rabbi Binyomin Forst, Shlita.

a. If one heard two brachos at the same time, he should respond with the words "Amen V’Amen".

b. If one tastes a food in order to determine whether it needs salt or spices, he makes no brocha rishona or achrona.

c. One should make a brocha on a ma’achal choshuv--on an important dish. Accordingly, if one believes that the food is lacking salt or spices, he should add them prior to making the brocha. Similarly, if one intends to eat several fruits, he should make the brocha on the cleanest and nicest one.

d. If one does not know what brocha to make on an item, and accordingly recites a Shehakol out of ignorance, he is referred to as a "boor", a halachically ignorant individual.

e. If one is eating a fruit salad comprised of some fruits whose brocha rishona is a Borei Pri Haeitz, and other fruits whose brocha is a Borei Pri Hoadomo, and both fruits typically come up in every spoonful, (i.e., he is eating and enjoying all of the fruits alike), one should make the brocha on the fruit which is in the majority. Accordingly, if the fruit in the majority is a cantaloupe, then one would make a Borei Pri Hoadomo. On the other hand, if the majority fruit is orange, then one would make a Borei Pri Haeitz. If one eats the fruits separately, and not in spoonfuls, he would make a Borei Pri Haeitz and a Borei Pri Hoadomo.

Posted 2/5/2009 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Articles of Interest | Comments (0)

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