Thursday, November 30, 2023
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The Laws of Tisha B’av – 2017
Erev Tisha B’av:
by Rabbi Yossi Michalowicz
1. Mincha is said earlier than usual, in order to have time to eat the “Seudas
Hamafsekes.” We will be davening Mincha on Monday, July 31st at 6:30 P.M.
2. No Tachanun is said at Mincha.
3. The final meal before Tisha B’av is called the “Seudah Hamafsekes” and has
special requirements. This meal must be eaten after noon with the intention of not
eating anything thereafter
4. The Seudah Hamafsekes may be preceded by a regular meal. However, one
should not fill himself at this meal, in order to allow room for the Seudas
Hamafsekes. One should take at least a 20-30 minute break between the regular
meal and the Seudas Hamafsekes.
5. The custom is to eat the Seudas Hamafsekes while seated on the ground. If one is
weak, he may sit on a pillow. There is no requirement to remove one’s shoes for
this meal – since mourning does not begin until evening.
6. The custom is for the Seudas Hamafsekes to consist only of bread, cold hardboiled
eggs, and water. A portion of the bread should be dipped in ashes and
eaten. One should say: “This is the Tisha B’av meal.”
7. Everyone says the Birchas Hamazon by themselves, when this meal is concluded.
Three adult males should avoid eating this meal together in order not to be required
to recite the Grace after meals as a “Mezumin” [invitation to bentch].
8. Since mourning does not begin until the evening, one may sit on a chair until
9. One may eat and drink after this meal until sunset, unless you expressly decided,
verbally or mentally, not to eat any more on that day, or said that you are accepting
the fast. If one plans on eating or drinking after this meal, it is preferable to either
verbally or mentally express that you are not accepting the fast until sunset.
Tisha B’av Evening:
10. All the prohibitions of Tisha B’av begin just prior to sunset. Sunset is at 8:41 P.M.
this year [2017].
11. One is permitted to drive to Shul and sit normally in the car.
12. On Tisha B’av it is prohibited to:
▪ Eat or drink
▪ Bathe or wash for pleasure
▪ Anoint oneself
▪ Have intimate relations
▪ Wear leather shoes
▪ Learn Torah [except for those portions which sadden the heart.]
13. You should deprive yourself somewhat from a comfortable sleep - i.e. to sleep with
no pillows or one pillow less than usual. You may use a c-pap machine when

Posted 7/27/2017 10:46 PM | Tell a Friend | Articles of Interest | Comments (0)

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