Monday, October 22, 2018
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Blog Image: parenting_post.jpeg
How to re-program YOUR brain to speak softly and yell no more....
If you'd like to help yourself stop yelling - use the same TRIPLE P Method (Practice, Praise, Prize) that you would use for your child. It would look like this: Your child does something that triggers you and you yell at her. As soon as you can (preferably immediately), apologize and tell her you want to try it again. You will now repeat your message in a normal, respectful tone of voice. That is your PRACTICE step which lays down the first wire for your new automatic program. Ask your child how she liked this new version of your message. If necessary, prompt her to give you some PRAISE (step 2). This will give your brain 50 "free" wires even though you know exactly what is going on here. Finally, tell your child that you are celebrating your new method of self-control by serving a treat to the whole family (or indulging in some other wonderful, rewarding activity). This is your PRIZE step, which lays down 100 "free" wires. Repeat this process until you are fully reprogrammed to speak in a normal tone of voice.
Friends & Family can sign up at

Copyright © 2017 Sarah Chana Radcliffe,

Posted 11/13/2017 1:21 AM | Tell a Friend | Parenting | Comments (0)

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