Sunday, December 04, 2016
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Blog Image: 4F_image.jpg
Weight Loss smooothie
Beet Treat

50% spinach
1 small beet raw cut into cubes
1 organic apple, seeds removed
1 lemon peeled
8-10 oz of water or better yet green cooled tea
combine in blender or even better nutribullet

Surie Weinberg RHN
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11/7/2016 10:23 PM | Articles of Interest | Tell a Friend | Comments (0)
Blog Image: coffee cup picture.jpg
Weight Loss
With the Holidays behind us, many of us want to shed some pounds.
There are many diets out there, that might work on a temporary basis.
The best way is to educate ourselves about our body and learn how we can boost our metabolism natu...
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11/7/2016 10:14 PM | Articles of Interest | Tell a Friend | Comments (0)
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FRUMToronto Thoughts For The Soul
Blog Image: Rav_Miller.jpg
The common cold - A Moment with Rabbi Avigdor Miller Zt"l #353
Parshas Vayeira 5777


Why is it that the common cold is the only thing that does not come from Hashem?

You have to qualify that statement. The things that a person causes by his own negligence to himself are his own doing. Let’s say if a man walks up to this wall, and he makes a charge with his head against the wall, and...
      » Read More
11/17/2016 11:14 PM | Parsha Pearls | Tell a Friend | Comments (0)
Blog Image: Rav_Miller.jpg
Unkolus born a gentile, Why? - A Moment with Rabbi Avigdor Miller Zt"l #352 (
Parshas Lech Lecha 5777

Why were such great personalities like Unkolus born gentiles, wouldn’t they have been greater if they would have been born Jews?
      » Read More
11/10/2016 6:45 PM | Parsha Pearls | Tell a Friend | Comments (0)
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FRUMToronto Shmiras Halashon
Blog Image: ChofetzChaim.jpg
Day 34 - Committee Meetings

SEFER CHOFETZ CHAIM — Laws of Loshon Hora 2:11

Any salesman can tell you from experience that people are very uncomfortable saying “no.” They will come up with all types of ingenious e...
      » Read More
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