Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Blog Image: praying.JPG
Shloshim event for Women in Memory of Har Nof Kedoshim
Happening this Thursday, December 18th, 2014, 8:00pm at The Kehilla Center:

Please join us for an evening of achdus and inspiration as we honour the kedoshim who died al kiddush Hashem in Har Nof. The widows have asked that Jewish women all over the world come together on the second night of Channukah to, with Hashem’s help, kindle the light of geula for Klal Yisrael. There w...
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12/14/2014 11:19 PM | Articles of Interest | Tell a Friend | Comments (0)
Blog Image: AyeletHashachar.jpg
Kensington Place – A Kosher Retirement Resort
By Chava Fine

*This article originally appeared on the website of COR – Kashruth Council of Canada –

In Toronto, when you think ‘kosher retirement home’, think ‘all-inclusive resort’.

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12/7/2014 10:32 PM | Articles of Interest | Tell a Friend | Comments (0)
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FRUMToronto Thoughts For The Soul
Blog Image: Thoughts.JPG
Kigel Shalom Bayit Thought of the Week #183
Special for Chanukah!
Tonight we begin the holiday of Chanukah, whose central theme is anti-assimilation. The Greeks did not want to annihilate us; they wanted to destroy our connection to our G-d and our Torah. The Maccabees fought back and encouraged their fellow Jews to remember that we are different-- our goal should not be to "melt" into the rest of the population. We have a speci...
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12/16/2014 11:39 PM | Thoughts for the Week | Tell a Friend | Comments (0)
Blog Image: Thoughts.JPG
Parshas Mikeitz
1) Ch. 41, v. 4: "Vatochalnoh haporos ro’ose hamar’eh v’dakose habosor eis sheva haporos" – And the poor looking and emaciated cows ate the seven cows – Verses 2 and 3 inform us that Paroh dreamt of 7 robust and 7 emaciated cows. Our...
      » Read More
12/15/2014 8:51 PM | Chamishoh Mi Yodeia | Tell a Friend | Comments (0)
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FRUMToronto Shmiras Halashon
Blog Image: ChofetzChaim.jpg
Day 85 - A Necessary Review

SEFER CHOFETZ CHAIM — Laws of Loshon Hora 10:14

We have learned in the previous segment that if someone has been hurt by another party and he can reclaim his loss or prevent further hu...
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