Monday, July 16, 2018
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#156 Taking an Exam on Shabbos

      » Read More
6/5/2018 6:17 PM | Articles of Interest | Tell a Friend | Comments (0)
FrumToronto Article

      » Read More
6/4/2018 11:15 PM | Articles of Interest | Tell a Friend | Comments (0)
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FRUMToronto Thoughts For The Soul
Blog Image: Rav_Miller.jpg
Restroom manners and marriage - A Moment with Rabbi Avigdor Miller Zt"l #432
Parshas Mattos - Masei 5778


Is it true that Rabbi Miller once said that a wife should avoid going to the bathroom when her husband would come in immediately afterwards? If so please explain.

This is a statement by Rav Chisda who admonished his daughters. In the olden days they had no bathrooms, and he told his daughters that t...
      » Read More
7/13/2018 2:00 PM | Parsha Pearls | Tell a Friend | Comments (0)
Blog Image: rav wolbe.jpg
Dvar Torah # 629 Parshas Pinchus
Pirkei Avos 1, 10

שמעיה אומר... ואל תתודע לרשות (אבות א...
      » Read More
7/6/2018 5:04 PM | Parsha Pearls | Tell a Friend | Comments (0)
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FRUMToronto Shmiras Halashon
Blog Image: ChofetzChaim.jpg
Day 111 - Relatives and Non-Jews

SEFER CHOFETZ CHAIM ó Laws of Rechilus 7:3-4

If Shimon tells Reuvenís wife that Levi spoke negatively of Reuven, Shimon has committed an act of rechilus. Though he has not repeated the...
      » Read More
| Shmiras Haloshon Yomi | Tell a Friend
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