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Blog Image: Salant.JPG
There is one axiomatic-and universal-response for every circumstance in life: Hope in HaShem. So powerful is this perspective-that it is the primary antidote, source of healing, and genesis of redemption-in all human affairs.
The Midrash (Vayachie 98) states: "Rabbi Yitzchak said, ’The success of everything is dependent upon hope, i.e., unwavering trust in HaShem.’

Thus at times of hardship one should be hopeful that HaShem will deliver him. Likewise, when one is sanctifying the name of HaShem, he should be trustful. Also, when a person prays in the merit of our Patriarchs, his heart should be filled with optimism. And our yearning for a share in the World to Come should be infused with hope.

The Torah (Yeshayahu 26:8) enlightens us to the relevancy of hope concerning these specific realms: ’Even when in the path of your judgments (i.e., hardships), HaShem we have hoped for you. The desire of our soul (i.e., alludes to the World to Come) is to Your name (refers to sanctifying the name of HaShem), and to the remembrance of You (pertains to the Patriarchs).’

Moreover, finding favor in the eyes of HaShem depends on our longing for His help, as the verse (Yeshayahu 32:2) states: ’HaShem, be gracious to us, we have hoped for You; be their strength every morning, also our deliverance at the time of trouble.’

In addition, Divine forgiveness depends upon our hope that HaShem will forgive our shortcomings. As King David said (Tehillim 130:4-5): ’There is forgiveness with You; I hope for HaShem, my soul hopes, and I await His word.’"
The message of this profound teaching is that even if a person is unworthy, nevertheless, hopefulness and optimism in HaShem awakens Divine assistance.

May our hope in HaShem bring about great miracles for ourselves and all of Klal Yisrael.

TODAY: Strengthen your hope in HaShem and bring tranquility and joy upon your soul.

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Posted 4/10/2008 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Articles of Interest | Comments (0)

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