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Tehillim Thought for the Day
16th of Adar Bet, March 23, 2008

"O G-D [Elokim], be not far from me; O my G-D [Elokai], make haste to help me (Psalm 71:12)."    Rav Hirsch explains that David is asking G-D to remain in close contact with him despite the fact that he has transgressed.  David, aware of the seriousness of his sins, nonetheless appeals to "Elokai, my G-D"- the G-D with whom he has forged a close relationship from his youth.  He appeals to his Hashem, who has trained him from his earliest years and who has crowned him king, to once again restore him after he has atoned for his mistakes.  David not only requests Divine assistance but he asks that Hashem make haste to come to his rescue.   David is the essential human, who models the path of return and repentance.   There is always a return for the person who feels connected to his G-D as long as he is interested in maintaining and sustaining that connection.

 Reprinted with permission from Rachel Lerner 2008

Posted 3/24/2008 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Tehillim | Comments (0)

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