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Chance to surmount all 50 levels of tumah.
Rebbitzen Tzippora Heller writes in her column in this past week's Hamodia 4/5/06-7 Nissan : "Getting the Right Message Before Pesach" The four days preceding Pesach are unique. It is the time when Hashem brings us the spiritual energy with which to move beyond all 50 gates of spiritual impurity. By acting out this message, we "hear" it louder than we would by merely thinking aobut it. What can we do in order to maximize the holiness of these days? Harav Tzvi Meir Zilberberg shlita gives these ideas: (summarized below) 1. Keep our hearts minds and bodies on one track.: Be at peace with ourselves. Ask one question: "are we really seeking and appealing to Hashem to give us some light, some direction to know how our deeds can bring nachas ruach to Him. Our feelings must follow the mesage that our mind sends them. 2. When we have a sense of the inner life of the mitzvos we do, every act is more inspired and we will find ourselves moving upward - the more we know about a mitzvah the more we feel its fire. 3. We can learn to expand ourselves even beyond the limits that our minds set. 4. It is most essential that we not cloud our vision by placing obstacles in our path. Commit to avoid anger. Lower our standard in things that in truth are not pesach related. Make sure we eat and sleep enough. Ask Hashem to help us grasp the holiness of the time in which He showed His love for us in the past and present and mirror His love, before during and after this holy time.

Posted 4/11/2006 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Gut Shabbos & Gut Yom Tov

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