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There are times throughout the year where it is an especially powerful time to daven, or there is a time in someone’s life where they need a special prayer said.

'MI SHENICHNOS ADAR MARBIM B'SIMCHA' The month of Adar is one filled with Simcha. Let us help increase the Simcha of everyone by including some special Tefillos. Please include in your Tehillim (said in gatherings or individually)the following prayer dedicated to the the shidduch crisis as a whole, not for people on a list but for everyone effected by it, including the singles, and their parents. [link= tefilah.pdf target=_blank]click here to open the special Tefillah for Zivugim.[/link]. Other tefillos to be included, would be to daven for Parnassah. [link= parnossah.pdf target=_blank]click here to open the Davening for Parnossah Tefillah.[/link]. If there is an object that you cannot find, here is a Tefillah to help you locate it. [link= find lost objects.pdf target=_blank]click here to open the Davening for finding lost objects.[/link]. 10 Steps to Greatness by Rav Avigdor Miller Z"TL[link= steps to greatness.doc target=_blank]click here to open the article 10 Steps to Greatness by Rav Avigdor Miller Z"tl[/link].

Posted 2/26/2006 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Special Prayers

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