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Blog Image: challah.jpg
Halachos on Storing Chometz on Pesach:
Halachos on Storing Chometz on Pesach:
It is forbidden to have chometz (even if it was sold to the goy) in a place where one may come to eat the chometz. Therefore, a mechitza/barrier of 10 tefachim (30 inches or 40 inches) should be placed in front of the chometz. This applies only to chometz. Kitniyos however, although Ashkenazim do not eat kitniyos, it does not need to be put away.

If the chometz is in a closet or cabinet one must lock the door or tape it shut so that one can’t open it easily by pulling the door to avoid someone inadvertently opening the cabinet. Even a glass see through cabinet is considered a proper mechitza.

Placing the chometz in a closed bag in the refrigerator or in a cupboard even on its own shelf does not suffice.

Chometzdike dishes and cutlery as well must be locked away for Pesach. A proper mechitza is not necessary for dishes, but it must be locked in a place that one can’t open easily.

Halachos on Non-Food Chometz Products:
Playdough should be put away for Pesach as children may put it in their mouth.

Non-edible products containing chometz that are used topically (ie shampoo, soap) even when they are nifsal me’achilas, the minhag is not to use them on Pesach based on the principle called sicha ke’shesiyah. In a case of need one can be lenient and use these products. Regardless, these products do not have to be locked away.

Products that contain liquid alcohol that is chometz should not be used on Pesach and should be locked away.

Halachos on Chometz that belongs to a goy:
One may not eat kosher l’Pesach food on a table with someone who is eating chometz (ie at work or in a park). However, being that the chometz is in the goy’s possession, one does not require a mechitza for the chometz.

Likewise, if a goy enters one’s home on Pesach (ie cleaning lady or a plumber), if possible, it is preferable to have he/she refrain from bringing chometz inside.

If the goy does bring chometz inside, it does not require a mechitza in front of the chometz, as the goy is present with his/her chometz. When he/she leave, one must insure that the goy cleans up and remove all his/her chometz.

If the goy does not remove his/her chometz, one should have in mind not to aquire the chometz. Additionally, one should clean up and remove the chometz kelachar yad indirectly and without touching the chometz (ie, with a broom and dustpan).

Halachos on Chometz and Chol Hamoed Trips:
On Pesach one may not derive any hana’a (benefit) from chometz. Feeding animals chometz, even if they are not his own animals, is considered hana’a and is forbidden on Pesach. One may derive hana’a from kitniyos, and therefore, one may feed kitniyos to animals.

As animal feed at a zoo or farm may contain chometz, one should not feed it to the animals (even if one does not purchase the chometz feed).

If one takes a hotel room on chol hamoed, one should check the room for chometz with a flashlight (bedikas chometz) and not recite a bracha.

Many hotels have a snack bar and/or a mini bar in the refrigerator of every room, and the hotel charges when one uses an item. The chometz in the bar presents two issues: firstly, one is required to put away chometz in a closed area. Secondly, one may be considered responsible for the chometz in the hotel room ie, if it is missing from the bar. This responsibility is forbidden on Pesach. Therefore, one should ask the management to remove the chometz or lock it up.

SSCM Pesach Hotline:
Under the guidance of Harav Yacov Felder
Monitored by Rav Yehoshua Felder.

Call, text, or WhatsApp- 437-215-3011 or
For time sensitive questions, kindly send a text message or email as they are chekced more frequently than WhatsApp messages.

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