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Blog Image: matzah.jpeg
Halachos on Matzah on Erev Pesach:
On Erev Pesach, matzah may not be eaten the entire day. A child who is old enough to be part of the seder should as well, not be given matzah to eat on Erev Pesach.

Halachikly, this restriction begins the morning of Erev Pesach, however, many have a custom not to eat matzah from Rosh Chodesh, and others from Purim.

The restriction not to eat matzah does not include matzah that is unfit for the seder. Therefore, "egg matzah" may be eaten on Erev Pesach. (Please note that for Ashknazim, "egg matzah" is only permitted to be eaten on Pesach, and Erev Pesach after the sof zman for eating chametz, by cholim and the elderly.)
Likewise, matzah that is cooked (e.g. kneidlach) may be eaten on Erev Pesach (for those who eat g'brochts).

However, matzah that tastes as regular seder matzah may not be eaten (even if one may not use it for the seder). Therefore, non shmurah matzah and even year-round "chometz matzah" may not be eaten Erev Pesach. Likewise, g'brochts cake (made from matzah meal) may not be eaten on Erev Pesach.

All mezonos (e.g. kneidlach) should not be eaten after "sha’ah asiris", 4:44 p.m., as this can diminish one's appetite for the seder matzah. Fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat may be eaten in small quantities.

Halachos on Melachos on Erev Pesach:
On Erev Pesach after chatzos, one may not do melachos that are forbidden on Chol Hamoed.

Therefore, nail cutting, haircuts, sewing, mending, and washing clothing should all be done prior to chatzos.

However, there are numerous leniencies that apply on Erev Pesach as will be detailed.

Ironing and polishing shoes are permissible all day.

If one didn't cut one's nails prior to chatzos, one may still do so all day. Minor mending and sewing buttons may be done all day.

All melachos are permitted through a goy. Therefore, haircuts and washing clothing that where not done prior to chatzos, may be done all day through a goy.

SSCM Pesach Hotline:
Under the guidance of Harav Yacov Felder
Monitored by Rav Yehoshua Felder.

Call, text, or WhatsApp- 437-215-3011 or
For time sensitive questions, kindly send a text message or email as they are checked more frequently than WhatsApp messages.

Posted 4/19/2024 12:14 PM | Tell a Friend | Message Board | Comments (0)

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