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Blog Image: sederplate.jpeg
Halachos of the Seder
Halachos of the Seder

Men, women, and children who have reached the age of chinuch are required to drink the daled kosos.
One can fulfill their obligation l'chatchila by using wine or grape juice.
There is a preference for men to use wine, as it has the aspect of simchas Yom Tov.
It is preferable to use red wine/grape juice. If one finds white wine to be superior, the white wine could be used, preferably, by adding a small amount of red wine for colour. To avoid the concern of "tzvia b'ochlin" the red wine should poured into the cup first, followed by the white wine.

Preferably, one should not eat or drink during Magid; from when the second kos is poured prior to Ma Nishtana until one drinks that second cup. Drinking a cup of coffee with reciting a bracha of shehakol, even prior to magid, can present an issue of "mosif al hakosos" as coffee is "chamar medinah". Therefore the following can be done to avoid this problem. One should have in mind during the "borei pro hagafen" of kiddush to drink after kiddush, thereby eliminating the need for an independent bracha of shehakol on the coffee.

Although the common practice is that women do not recline on Leil Seder, however, while eating the matzoh and drinking the daled kosos they should be sitting down and not standing or walking around.

Under the guidance of Harav Yacov Felder
Monitored by Rav Yehoshua Felder.

Posted 4/19/2024 11:39 AM | Tell a Friend | Message Board | Comments (1)

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