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# 4188 The Time to Thank
Q. Dear Rabbi. I really would like first to thank you for giving the opportunity to all, men and specially women of all ages and status the opportunity to ask with total anonymity Torah and Halacha questions that can be answered by Gedolim such Horav Shlomo Miller Shlit’a.

I always wondered, since I’m a mother of B’H a large family of children most still young and my husband is a Rebi and teacher and we can not afford any paid help. Cleaning and preparing for Peisach is in our case and I‘m sure the same is for many others like us, a monumental enterprise. The labor, effort and time involved to do it right, is very long and incredible difficult. So how come there in nowhere, to my humble knowledge, any mention at all, in the Hagada or otherwise a thank you for the sacrifice that women do to make a Kosher Pesach? Why? Why? REALLY WHY?!!!

A. We must understand that the relationship and obligations between husband and wife, do not differ on the time of preparation for Pesach, Yom Tov or any other difficult time and circumstances of a lifetime.

Our Sages taught us: (Yevamot 62b) That one must love his wife as he loves himself, and honor her more than himself... If he so does, about him the verse states: And you shall know that your tent is in peace. As a result of his actions, there will be peace in his home, as it will be devoid of quarrel and sin, and that applies every day always.
Horav Shlomo Miller’s Shlit’a opinion is similar.

Rabbi A. Bartfeld as revised By Horav Dovid Pam Shlit’a,Horav Aharon Miller Shlit’a and Horav Chanoch Ehrentreu Shlit'a

Posted 4/3/2023 6:04 PM | Tell a Friend | Articles of Interest | Comments (0)

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