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Shabbos mornings before davening – 8Am to 8:45 AM

Going through Rabbi Sholom Noach Berezovsky’s Nesivos Sholom in a small group tisch with examples and explanations in English from the Rabbi.

Rabbi Berezovsky was a prolific writer. Through his writings he was among the most influential of contemporary chasidic rebbes, among chasidim and non-chasidim alike. A leading non-chasidic rosh yeshiva has referred to the Nesivos Sholom as the “Mesillat Yesharim of our times”.

Given by: Rabbi Yossi Michalowicz
Location: Westmount Shul & Learning Centre
10 Disera Drive #250
L4J 0A7
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Level: Intermediate
This Shiur is intended for Men.

Shabbos 8:00am -8:45am

Contact Rabbi Yossi Michalowicz at 9058817485 or click here or visit for more information.
A project of:
Westmount Shul & Learning Centre
10 Disera Drive #250
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