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Shiurim - Pirkei Avos Weekly Women’s Pirkei Avos Shiur Back | Return to List
Who: All women of the community

What: Shomrai Shabbos Sisterhood is introducing a weekly women’s Pirkei Avos shiur given by various dynamic speakers.

Where: In the Hornfeldt social Hall of Shomrai Shabbos Chevra Mishnayos
When: Shabbos 5:00pm

Why: To learn and be inspired, to enjoy light refreshments and share good company

For further information or to offer feedback please call:
Shoshannah Kashton @ 416-784-0004
Alyza Ohayon @ 416-782-6281

Location: Shomrai Shabbos Chevrah Mishnayos Congregation
583-585 Glengrove Ave W
M6B 2H5
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Level: All
This Shiur is intended for Women.

Shabbos 5:00pm

Contact Shoshannah Kashton at 416-784-0004 for more information.
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