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--- Shiurim Log On ---

The logon enables the members to post articles and add comments to the Blogger, add events to the Community Calendar, Shiurim to the Weekly Shiurim page and ads to the Classified section.

Once logged on, click on the 'Add Shiur, Click Here' link located below the 'Welcome Back' to open the Shiurim Schedule Update window.

Select the day of week and location and fill in the title and details. When done click the 'Add Shiur' button.

Don't forget to include the time, location, contact information, level and if the Shiur is intended men, women or children.


--- Shiurim Posting Tips ---

- Post a separate entry for each weekday a Shiur is given with the time it is given on that day.

- If the Shiur is given at a different time on Rosh Chodesh or Yom Tov, please include a note in the description with the correct time adjustment.

- When several similar Shiurim are given on the same day in several locatoins, like a Daf Yomi Shiur, we will include all the Shiurim in one entry with the different locations and descriptions.

- The Weekly Shiurim page is designed for Shiurim that are given weekly. Use the Events Calendar for one time Shiurim and for short series.

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