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--- Tell-A-Friend Log On ---

Found an article of interest you want to share with your friends? Hosting an event and want to get the word out? Tell-A-Friend is the best way to let everyone know.

Log on to access your Address Book!

Once logged in, Tell-A-Friend can be set up to remember the past people you have sent to. It stores the names and email addresses of your friends.

You can add names to or remove names from your Address Book. Send to some or all of the friends in your list!

Changes to your Address Book are automatically saved each time you send an article through FrumToronto.


--- Tell-A-Friend Tips ---

- Even though the names of the people receiving the emails don't appear in the email, when filling out the form, write their full name. It will make it easier for you to identify them later on.

- We also may change the program at some point to include the option of displaying the names of the recipients. For now we feel hiding the names is more private and also speeds our mailer up.

- Return address now gets sent to the sender so people can reply to the email and it gets sent directly to the sender.

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