Monday, September 26, 2022
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--- Community Calendar Log On ---

The logon enables the members to post articles and add comments to the Blogger, add events to the Community Calendar, Shiurim to the Weekly Shiurim page and ads to the Classified section.

Once logged on, posting to the Community Calendar is easy. Click on the 'Add Events, Click Here' link located below the 'Welcome Back' to open the Event Manager.

The Manager allows you to quickly view and edit your upcoming events.

Click on the 'Add New Event' link located on the top right hand side of the Manager to open the Events Schedule Update window.

Change the date and time, select a category, type in the title and details, click 'Add Event' and your done!


--- Community Calendar Posting Tips ---

- Although events can be emailed to FrumToronto for us to post for you, posting the event yourself gives you more control on the final presentation and allows you to edit the event at a later date.

- You can use html markup to include links to your email and website.

- Once your event is posted, you can email the event to others by viewing the event and clicking the 'Tell a Friend' link.

- Posting a series? After clicking the 'Add Event' button, click on the series button. Change the date to the next event day and add the event again.

- For weekly programs and Shiurim, please use the Weekly Shiurim page.

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