Monday, November 29, 2021
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Intergenerational Trauma, 28 November 2021 8 pm
Community Events
Does your family history include a legacy of trauma?

If you’re like most Jewish people, the answer is probably yes. Unfortunately, Jewish history is fraught

with anti-Semitism, beginning early in our history and continuing into the present day. The effects of relatively recent events like the Holocaust,

Pogroms, and global anti-Jewish riots, may have reverberated down through the generations and could continue to affect Semitic people today.

What if none of that happened to me... can trauma be inherited?

We’ll explore the answer to this question in this new three-part workshop on intergenerational trauma.

The Workshops

Part one: Tune in for an overview of intergenerational trauma: what it is, how to identify it, and the latest research.

Part two: Log on to find out more about how trauma is passed down both through your genes (epigenetics) and via learned behaviors in families.

Part three: We’ll finish the series by talking about strategies you can use to heal your inherited trauma.

Use this link to join the program:

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Location: zoom

Click here to contact David Kaufman or visit for more information.

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