Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Needed! Support a Jewish Life, 13 February 2018 9:45am
Community Events
Dear friends,
The FINAL legal chapter in the story of Shalom Netanel Ouanounou, the Young man on life support, is being ruled upon this upcoming week; The court-case will be heard, at 361 University Avenue, courtroom 6-1, on Monday, February 12th and Tuesday, February 13th at 10:00am before Justice Hainey.
This is when the FINAL arguments will be presented, and a FINAL ruling issued.
Based on the Halachic ruling of the Vaad HaRabonim of Toronto, that “all who can attend, should make every effort to attend, as it is literally saving a Jewish life” -
we ask the ENTIRE community to PLEASE attend in LARGE numbers. The first time around, Justice Hainey was VERY impressed by the community turnout, and it was reflected in his ruling.
Once again -please join us in the courtroom to show unity and support for our beliefs regarding the preservation of life!
Just to remind you that the Ouanounou hearing is happening this Monday, February 12th and Tuesday, February 13th @ 10:00am. 361 University Ave Courtroom 6-1. Proceedings will continue until 4:30pm each day.

You may come for all or part of each day--whatever amount of time you can spare will have an impact. The goal is to have the courtroom filled at all times.

RULES for Attending Court

1. You can attend for any part of the hearing. It runs from 10-4:30 each day.

2. If you enter the Courtroom while court is in session, please bow your head to the judge before taking your seat. If you leave in the middle of proceedings, please bow your head to judge before leaving.

3. No phones, cameras, food/drink (except water), hats in courtroom.

4. If no seat available, do not block doorways.

5. No talking while court is in session.

6. Do not talk to counsel.

7. No cheering or otherwise.

The goal is to have the courtroom filled throughout the day on both days. If you wish to organize with your friends to go down in shifts that would be great.

Thank-you and tizku l’mitzvos,

Chani Aryeh-Bain

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Location: Court House
361 University Avenue, courtroom 6-1

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