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There are times throughout the year where it is an especially powerful time to daven, or there is a time in someone’s life where they need a special prayer said.

Rav Kaduri - ZT"L
We hear from Eretz Yisrael that Rav Kaduri, zt'l, was buried today on Har Hamenuchos. What a loss for klal yisrael, that this holy, great tzaddik is no longer in our midst. Our hearts are broken and we can only hope that this is the final kapara that will soon lead to yemos haMoshiach. Tfillos l'ilui nishmaso will continue. Our way is not like certain non-Jewish sects which gash their bodies in mourning. Instead we redouble out acts of chessed, our tsedaka, our tfillos, our tehillim, our limud Torah, our commitment to mitzvot. As such, it is all the more fitting to join the worldwide tehillim effort for today, Erev Rosh Chodesh Shvat, and say as many tehillim as you can, for klal yisrael. We do this with complete faith that "Hatzur Tamim Palo" everything Hashem does is for the best, and surely, Moshiach will be coming very soon. and from Lazer Brody Darkness With the passing of Rav Kaduri, of blessed and saintly memory, some people are telling me that they just don't feel the light of Hashem, and that they'd be much more inclined to strengthen their faith and observance if they could receive a mini-revelation and a small taste of Hashem's light rather than more bad news. They had heard that Rav Kaduri would lead us to Moshiach, and now this hope has floated away too. Before his death, the famed Toldos Aaron rebbe, Rebbe Aaron Rota zatza'l, warned that the time before Moshiach would be a period of deep spiritual darkness - the supreme test of faith. But, those who don't get discouraged - and cling to their pure and simple faith - will invoke the Divine compassion that is not only needed to survive turbulent times, but shall also hasten the Geula. The death of tzaddikim is a "hastora", the concealment of Hashem's Divine light. Rebbe Nachman of Breslev teaches that the period preceding Moshiach is a "hastora betokh hastora", or double concealment. But, just like Olympic gymnastics, for level of difficulty you score higher points. When emuna (faith) comes hard, the rewards are beyond our wildest dreams. Hold on, don't give up hope, and keep the faith no matter what - that's the key to staying on your feet in this insane world. Above all, be happy and don't ever despair. Hashem can hide all He wants, but He's always here - close by.

Posted 1/28/2006 12:00 AM | Tell a Friend | Special Prayers

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